• All Auctions happen because Distressed, Death, Divorce- NO
  • ​Buyers must pay Cash in Full the day of the Auction- NO
  • ​ONLY used as a LAST RESORT-NO
  • "Auctions are FIRE SALES and everything is Sold at a discount"-NO

Why Auction ?

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Are you tired of "LISTING" your home"FOR SALE"?

AUCTION could be the ANSWER!!!!

Auction myths

  • Auction are FUN, FAST and TRANSPARENT -

  • Fast- time defined Sale,

  • Fun- For Buyers and Seller- No Negative Negotiations

  • Transparent-​ Everyones on same playing field
  • All focus is on One Property
  • Eliminates Numerous and Unscheduled Showings
  • Property is Sold "AS IS Where IS" with NO Contingencies
  • BIDDERS come prepared to BUY!
  • Closing is 30 days after the Auction
  • ​Closing Rate is HIGH due to Non-Refundable Deposit